With deep industry experience and contacts within all modes of transportation, Burnett can help you maximize your supply chain transportation efficiency.


For more than a decade, Burnett Associates has provided creative, high value transportation logistics consulting services to a wide range of clients.  Working with some of the most sophisticated companies in America we have acquired substantial experience in identifying key areas of a firm’s transportation network where immediate bottom –line value is obscured.  From here, we work with our clients to plan and execute a strategy to increase transportation efficiency, improve customer value, and remove costs from the transportation processes.


At Burnett, we pride ourselves on creating high-impact solutions to improve a firm’s value-chain while simultaneously driving costs out of the transportation equation.  Our Professional Teams are comprised of highly experienced logisticians with deep backgrounds in transportation management, cost management, carrier negotiation, and carrier network design. 

Using proven methodologies for evaluation, planning, process design, execution and forward management, Burnett can help your firm tap the unseen potential for savings and service excellence hidden in your transportation supply chain.












“I guess the biggest endorsement I can give Burnett Associates is that we have renewed our agreement with them as we deal with the new challenges we face…”


— B.K. — Sr. Director of Logistics, Technicolor, Inc.




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“Prior to your analysis of our freight movements we did not realize the inefficiencies and waste that existed within our shipping processes.  In light of the current economic downturn, your strategies have helped us to survive the recession…”


A.S.—Sr. Product Manager, Ergotech Group, Inc.